Our Financials

When you visit our offices for dental services, we strive to make sure that you receive the best dental services for your child and their needs with the most available information of how the procedure or treatment will work. This includes giving you a fully-detailed treatment plan that includes both the impact to your health as well as the expenses involved


When you are satisfied with the health part of the plan, we also provide what we call a “good faith” estimate of expenses. This is our best idea ahead of time what the procedure cost will likely end up totaling in charges of affordable dental care. There is some fluctuation because we cannot anticipate all the possible procedures or difficulties that might occur during the treatment. As a result, the prices involved could change if more work is needed or less. Much depends on your specific situation and the health of your teeth involved.

Our estimate will include both the overall price as well as the details with regards to what would be covered by your particular insurance plan as well as the share that would be out-of-pocket, i.e. your up front cost. The amount and share can vary depending on the treatment involved and whether multiple visits have occurred within the same calendar year. The exact details of your coverage for each specific treatment as well as frequency should be requested from your coverage provider. We can only provide a general summary and what your coverage plan paid for, not the reasons why full coverage or more coverage was not provided after the fact.

Insurance coverage for dental treatment will also be impacted by the type of coverage situation your visit involves. This depends on whether we are part of your coverage provider’s network or if we are out of network. If in your network, we will provide you dental treatment consistent with your primary insurance plan, along with costs and co-payments as detailed by your insurance provider’s plan. This is often the basis of our “good faith” estimate which is straightforward in calculating due to the predetermine charge levels already known. If, on the other hand, your treatment ends up being an out-of-network charge, then your insurance provider’s rules on non-network treatment will apply. This can result in an up-front charge for full costs which are then reimbursed to some extent after the fact by your insurer. However, be assured we won’t begin a treatment until your exact coverage is confirmed so you know what your true cost will be.

With regards to financing and third party lenders, we accept payment from major creditors and banks as well through all major credit card companies. The specific details of such financing will depend on the terms you agree upon with a given lender. We will provide you the total cost charges that would be addressed by such credit, but you should discuss the exact payment plan with your lender ahead of time.