When baby teeth experience extensive cavities or infection, a dental filling may not be enough. When a tooth is severely decayed or broken due to trauma. A crown may be recommended in order to restore function and esthetics and overall protection of the tooth.

smiling kid in dental chiar

So a crown will be placed to help restore the function of your child's tooth and prevent further damage from occurring. The molar baby teeth may be covered with stainless steel crowns while the front teeth are covered with either a composite crown or stainless steel with ceramic facing.

The placement of the stainless steel crown will help the baby tooth to remain in the mouth until they can fall out naturally, which helps the permanent tooth and/or teeth to erupt properly. Crowns may also be recommended if your child has received a pulpotomy, or baby root canal.

Benefits of crowns for children include:
  • Durability
  • Full-coverage protection for the tooth
  • Very little sensitivity following treatment
  • Reduced risk of needing retreatment
  • More successful than fillings, especially in children younger than 4
smiling kid in dental chiar