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So happy to say that because of Dr Donald and his staff he no longer feels threatened or scared at the end of his cleaning and X-ray my son stated he would love to come back

Monica A. 5/11/2017

This is a great Pediatric Dentist. The staff is super nice and Dr. Donald very patient and calm with the children. I am also very pleased with their work and prices. The kids get to pick a toothbrush after each cleaning and when they leave the office, they get to ring the "No cavities" Bell  before getting to pick a little toy for doing a good job.

Lisette B. 11/16/2017

I loveeeee this dentist! They are so pleasant and patient with the children. I left this place feeling so happy. This place has a positive vibe.

Marie M. 4/6/2017

The room was very kid appropriate, even with a tv ... Dr. Donald was very friendly. He took his time explaining to me the dental needs of children ... Looking forward to having this practice serve my children's dental needs in the future!

Nida F. 12/6/2017

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