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What a pleasure it was to come to this practice. Dr. Donald was AMAZING with Mason. He's very leery with dentists, but we finally found our permanent dentist. Staff was so nice and pleasant. The Dental Assistant that was with us was a real trooper listening to all of Mason's stories. And he has a lot of them. She was very patient! Thank you so much!!!!

Diana C. 9/14/2018

Awesome Dentist! Awesome staff! Great with kids and very gentle. Dr Donald is awesome with kids and explains everything to the parents. My son had no fear of the dentist or procedure. Doctor Donald even called to see how he was doing after the procedure he had. Now a doctor that does that is worth keeping. Thank you!!!!

Obed F. 6/14/2018

Experienced my daughter's first dental visit..and it was amazing! The hygienist, Rebecca, was very nice and gentle. Everything was explained before treatment began..my daughter loved it. Met Dr. Donald and viewed x-rays there in room on screen. No cavities! : D Appointment at 10am..in the car by 10:30am!

Daphne J. 10/15/2018

We had a great time at the office today!! Both kids came out with beautiful sparkling smiles and had a lot of fun while there. The staff all worked so well together as a team with their care and everyone gave my children special attention!! Dr. Donald was great too!! This office need some to be on the cover of a magazine!! We loved our visit! Thank you Dr. Donald and team!!

Ashley V. 9/26/2018

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